the artist emerges
Jul. 21, 2006 ~ 12:54 pm

I've really been bitten by the art bug lately. I've joined up with Illustration*Friday and broken out the pens, pencils and paints.

The concept is simple. the site posts a theme every friday and those who wish to do so, draw whatever their hearts desire in accordance with the theme. I'm making this a vital part of my life, almost as if its mandatory "homework" for my soul.
Originally i started with a general artblog, but have since seperated them into two blogs. One for everyday art and the other strictly for Illustration*Friday entries.

Illustration Friday:I*F entries.

and yes, there in which lies my real name (in case you wondered)

I've done a few digital images for illustrationfriday but i really do want to keep more to actual hand drawn/painted artwork. I've never been fond of painting because I suck at it but with practice perhaps i can turn things around.

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