Jun. 24, 2006 ~ 11:31 pm

holy crap diaryland... it says I havent updated in 81 days... but you musnt believe that.... diaryland lies to you. I've been updating daily but its refused to publish my words.... why?

because andrew knows I could SO easily take over d*land and he's scared...

thats right little ones.. he's scared.

Ok so i'm full of sh*t and I havent updated.... Sorry dlanders but I seem to have fallen into the cult that is myspace.com.

I'm such a sellout.

To update, I no longer work two jobs. Although I never told job #1 that I quit job #2 so they still let me out as soon as the store closes instead of having to stay and clean for an hour or so.

haha... one day i'll get caught, dont worry.

The boyfriend is still going strong. We had some drama with his exgirlfriend but she's now on his sh*tlist... ah, sweet sweet bliss...

we'll see how long this lasts. Forget not that I'm far from the jealous type. I dont tell my man who he can and cant be friends with but I do demand respect and the minute she disrespected me, he broke all ties with her.

I have now nicknamed her "snaggletooth" or "snags" for short. If you ever saw the chompers on this girl you'd know why.

(hey i said I'm not the jealous type, I didnt say I wasn't immature)

Currently I have been feeling like the traitor of my generation again. Late at night theres ignorant little street rats banging their music, running off their mouths and swearing like sailors....

... or worse, like rappers.

I can understand weekend parties... fine, no problem. I was never the party girl type but I understand what it is to get loud and crazy at times with friends.

Once it becomes every night it's simply blatant ignorance. I can't believe these "ladies" with their "F*CK THIS" and their "F*CK THAT"....

far be it for me to cast the first 'f*ckin' stone but when you know there are small children running around outside why do you want to make yourself look less educated than a 4 year old?

Although these days my neighbors are trying to teach their infant son spanish swear words. Father of the year? I think not.

I'm just about done ranting... i had a list of things i never want to hear come out of any self respecting persons mouth but that will have to wait. Besides I know some d*landers who use these particular phrases and far be it for me to offend them....

.. ok actually im not scared to offend anyone i'm just too lazy to type it all out.

hasta pasta d*land

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